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Birthday Parties

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Get U Cooking offers one of the most popular birthday parties in Fort Myers.  We know that a birthday is a very special day in your child’s life.  We want to help make their birthday memorable by offering a unique party experience.  Our parties are scheduled for 2 1/2 hours.  About 1 1/2 hours of that are cooking time.

Our birthday parties are a real value! Consider the price to book a party which serves just pizza and soda…. With us, children are having a “hands on” experience! They are working together, learning new skills that will last a lifetime…all while having FUN! In addition, we have room and options for the adults to enjoy in the celebration!

We can accommodate up to 12 chefs.  We have several options available for beginners to moderate aspiring Chefs.  So let us do the prep work and the clean-up.  You can relax and watch the chefs do all the work while having a great time.  We offer plenty of space for you to sit in the guest waiting area or mingle around the party and take photos.

Our kitchen is now open to caterers, chefs and food trucks.  When we schedule a birthday party, they will be notified that the space is unavailable.  But they may stop in if needed for their events.

How can I book?

  • Choose an available date and time from the calendar.
  • Call 239-333-9906 or email to discuss menu and number of guests, age, etc.
  • A deposit of $50 is required to hold your date and time for the party.
  • Please confirm the number of guests at least 3 days prior to the party.

What’s Included?

  • All ingredients to create the meal
  • All disposable plates, glasses and utensils
  • Shirley Temple or fruit style punch for the guests
  • Clean-up  (Parents need to remove decorations)
  • 1 1/2 hours of cooking time and 1/2 hour eating time

What is the Price?

The price for our birthday parties are $395 for up to 12 chefs.  Each additional chef is $25.  Maximum number of chefs is 16.

Party time is 2 1/2 hours.  Each additional half hour is $25.


Birthday FAQ’s

What to you offer for the parents during a party?

You may order party platters for the parents to eat during the party.  They may also taste the children’s menu AFTER all the children have been served.  All leftovers may be taken home by the parents or eaten on the premises.  Leftovers are not a guarantee.  If you would like to feed the parents the same menu as the party, an additional charge of $5 pp is required.

May I decorate for my child’s birthday?

Yes. You can decorate an hour prior to the celebration. You may decorate the front retail area, waiting room and warehouse cooking area. You are responsible to remove the decorations within 30 minutes after the celebration.

May younger children attended the cooking portion of the party?

Younger children may attend the party as long as a parent or guardian provides undivided attention to that child. They may not participate in the preparation, but they may enjoy the food and celebration!

What about a cake?

Yes. You may bring your own cake and ice cream if desired. We will help you slice it and serve it to your guests.

Do we need to bring candles, plates, napkins and silverware for the cake?

Parents need to provide the candles and the lighting of the candles on the cake. We can provide small plates, plain napkins and silverware. Keep in mind… if you have a theme for your party, you are welcome to bring in your own themed plates, napkins, etc.

I was uncertain of the number of children when I booked the party? Can this number be changed at a later date?

Yes. We will be emailing a confirmation after your deposit. We will also confirm a final head count to order the needed ingredients 3 days prior to your party.  We can do this with a phone call or an email.

Do you do ADULT Birthday Parties?

Absolutely!  Contact us at (239) 333-9906 or email to coordinate a perfect, fun birthday for you or someone else.  Price will be determined by menu selected, hours for party and other details.

What is the parking situation?

Most businesses in this complex work M-F until 4pm. Even during business hours there is plenty of parking. The lot can accommodate approximately 40 or more cars on the weekend.

May I bring additional beverages for the children or alcoholic beverages for the adults?

Not unless it is bottled water.  We want to keep the sugar away from the kids until it is time to eat.  We have water and ice in the kitchen for the guests as well as coffee.

Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is optional.  We do our best to earn a gratuity but it is not mandatory expected, or included in your charge.

**Remember…The best “gratuity” is a sincere compliment and spreading a good word!!**facebook-logoWe Thank You in Advance!!