Summer Vacation Programs

Summer Programs

Camps are for ages 7 to 13 and are 2-1/2 hour sessions.  Groups will be arranged by age as tasks may vary by age. Class start times are 1:00pm.

This year our summer program is changing for the better!  Last year I experienced that kids only wanted to come on the days that we were making their favorite foods or baking.  My dream in opening Get U Cooking was to teach kids cooking skills that would last them a lifetime.  I want kids to try new foods and find a passion in cooking and learn about healthy food choices.

To offer all that, I needed to change how I offered the camp.  This year it’s a weekly camp that will build their skills and their knowledge.  Of course, it will be fun.  But it will also be more structured.  Day 1 of each camp week, I will go over the rules and expectations of the students in this camp and in my kitchen.  If they can’t follow the rules, they will get 1 warning and then they won’t be able to participate in that activity.   I have the safety of all the kids to consider.

Please enforce these rules with your kids.  They need to wear closed toed shoes in the kitchen.  They need to pull their hair back if past their shoulders.  Knives are not toys.  Hands must stay out of ingredients.  No running, tag or pushing in the kitchen.

There will only be afternoon classes this summer.  Get U Cooking will be serving breakfasts and open as a farmers market from 6am to 11am daily.  I will need time to clean up and set up for camp.

Deposits and Payments:

When you are booking camp online, you must pay the deposit amount or the full weekly payment.  No holds for a spot in camp without the paid deposit. A discount of $25 per participant for siblings or multiple weeks is offered using Promo Code 25camp when paying for the full week.

Cancellation Policy:

Summer camp will be cancelled if less than a minimum of 6 campers register. 6 participants must be registered 1 week prior to that camp date.   If a camp is cancelled, participants will receive a weeks notice prior to camp.

Cancelled class will be refunded within 24 hours of cancellation via original payment method.  If cancelling a class within 30 days of the camp start date we will charge a $50.00 cancellation fee and the remaining balance will be refunded.


Monday is sandwiches and burgers.  We will start with an introduction to kitchen safety, class rules and expectations.  The menu will consist of different sandwiches and burgers.  They will learn about the meats, cheeses and breads that they use or that are in the market and will sample different breads and cheeses.  They will begin learning knife skills and the reason we use those knives in the kitchen.

Tuesday is International day.  It is an introduction to spices and the regions that they come from and how they are typically used.  With spice knowledge, the students will learn about the cuisine of a different country.  They will make and season a meal using the spices they have learned about.

Wednesday is learning about the different foods of Italy.  We may be making pasta, pizza or risotto.  The students will continue to work on knife skills, weight measuring and introduce other culinary tools and equipment used in a kitchen.

Thursday is American Classics.  Students will learn of the foods found in different regions of the USA and where those food originated.  We will also talk about nutrition and how to get healthy foods into their diets.

Friday is baking day.  All sweets baked in this class will be sent home with the students.  I prefer they don’t eat more than 1 on site.  We will again start the day with kitchen safety as it pertains to baking and using the mixers.  We will have a set menu for the baking class to introduce them to different types of baked goods.